Thanks, Hacker News

So my first, and only post at the time went entirely bonkers on the interwebs after I submitted it to Hacker News.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled and terrified at the same time.  The only reason for starting this simple WordPress blog (because I’m burnt out on programming) was to simply document the journey, as well as motivate myself to work on photographing the process along the way.  Within 5 minutes after submitting the link my tiny Digital Ocean droplet went down, and hundreds of people were already viewing the post.  After adding some caching and resizing the server instance, the site seemed to be stable enough to allow for about thirty thousand unique visitors in one morning.  The post seemed to have been met with a lot of mixed reviews, but so many were incredibly inspiring.  So inspiring that I have decided to write more than I had originally planned.

Some of the more negative sounding reviews and comments were geared towards the fact that my decision to leave a stable, full-time job to pursue a bigger dream may seem a bit crazy and unstable.  A year ago, I would have completely agreed with every one of those comments.  For the record, I am still going to be involved with another web development company part time throughout the process, as to maintain a somewhat stable income.  However, the way this all came about uncovers a greater story that I plan to write about as well.  It’s a greater story of following your heart, and regardless of how crazy some people might think you are, if it’s within your truth then the world will provide.  Again, I know that may sound a bit too much like motivational mumbo-jumbo for many rational-minded human beings, but please keep in mind that I am one of those rational-minded humans too.  I’ve just been fortunate enough to have been influenced, and inspired by some of the biggest dreamers that walk the earth today.

As I stated above I plan on writing a lot more about this journey.  Not just where it’s going, but also how I got here.  It is much deeper than the simple fact that I’m tired of being a code monkey.  It is also about an awakening that I had this last year that I will share along the way.  Everyone has a story, and the backdrop of that story is what needs to be painted in order to put it into context.  Though all forms of criticism are welcome here with open arms, I’d like everyone to keep in mind that I’m not writing these posts from a high horse, and that I am simply sharing my own story.  My only hopes for this blog now are to paint my backdrop, document my journey with the tiny house, share stories about my days on the farm, and to hopefully motivate anyone I can to follow their own dreams.  Whether those dreams are to build your own tiny house, work as a programmer in a stable job, travel the world, or become a writer I will do what I can to support it.  We are all living human beings, and we all deserve whatever it is that we need to feel alive and human.

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